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Hans Vermaak, the project lead of Xerox Corporation, has straighforwardly stated that they now need a reliable backup that would enable them to recover their data in case of any unexpected events and damages. He added that the employees are actually requesting for a backup method that would not interrupt with their normal computer activity, one that will be quietly saving in the background and that of which they can recover files easily in case they need to. This is quite a request from an industry giant like Xerox.

Most of today's backup options are server-based and are bound to certain limitations and these are what should be surpassed by a PC Backup to consider it valuable. Most of these backups are not meant for notebooks, phone gadgets, and laptops. Therefore, there are certain adjustments that may affect the normal and smooth effect of such tools. It is still best to go for a backup procedure where you don't settle for less than what the performance could actually be, where workflow is not at all distorted, and protection can never be questioned.

In recent surveys 73 percent of laptop users cite "intrusive backups" as a major obstacle to their productivity. Obviously, who would like to work with a poor and slow laptop performance caused by backup procedures that keep on meddling with your work? For this reason, finding a PC Backup software program that will work on the background on itself without you having to do things manually in the middle of your business will surely be helpful.

Druva, being the pioneer in the online backup industry, has introduced another innovation called the Druva inSync 4.1 Enterprise. This backup program is an industry-first application that delivers near-instantaneous automated backups of laptop computers, ten times the speed of competitive offerings. Even more, you can easily recover your files or backup in just one click. Backed up files are automatically deduplicated to ensure accuracy at any point of time.

This program is also advantageous to most IT personnel. While backup times is 10 times faster, the program-aware deduplication of data makes use of only one server for storage. Because of this, there are ten times more users who can be served as compared to other options. Therefore, businesses are able to attain maximum ROI through minimizing storage expense. Now you can avoid loss of intellectual assets in the form of files that have been saved in individual laptops because everything else is shared with the whole company.

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